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75 ML Lavender Pillow Sleep Spray Insomnia Essential Oil Soothe Sleep Deep Sleep Enjoyable Sleep


Herbal Extract
No addition
Return to good sleep like a baby
Lavender pillow assistant sleep to regain sweet dreams

How to use: Gently spray 1-2 times on the pillow or quilt before going to bed. Provides quality sleep and is energetic.

Deep sleep is a part of sleep, also known as "golden sleep". Deep sleep can relieve people's tiredness throughout the day and promote the metabolism of the human body.

Safe ingredients, zero addition
No artificial flavors, no pharmaceutical ingredients

1. Fall asleep fast. 2. Rebuilding the sleeping circadian clock. 3. Pleasant body and mind, ruddy complexion.

Sleep conditioning is not a day.
Continuous use helps deep sleep.

Use it for 1 day to relax your mind and body and ease your mood. After 7 days of use, insomnia is reduced and falling asleep is faster. Use 21 days of sweet dreams to sleep well and sleep peacefully.

Product information
Expiry date: See packaging. Specifications: 75ml. Applicable people: Unisex. Efficacy: Plant aroma, relax and sleep.

Note: Please keep this product out of the reach of children. It can be used by children over 3 years old. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for people with rhinitis or respiratory problems. It can be used by pregnant women, but if you are allergic to the smell during pregnancy, please stop using it. 


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