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Wireless earbuds bluetooth earphones bluedio Fi adopted Qualcomm chip low latency gaming headset APTX 


Qualcomm chip Support APTX
Adopted advanced Qualcomm chip, with supporting Bluetooth APTX feature together, Fi can greatly reduce the latency and lower the power consumption, provides you more stable Bluetooth using, faster and more lossless transmission, more fun in enjoying the amazing sound effect.
More comfortable wearing
Fi is both small and lightweight, and it is equipped with three different sizes of earplugs (L,M,S) to fit different ears, and then to make you feel less uncomfortable and burdensome in wearing, but more enjoyable in music playing.

Sweatproof carefree sports

Scientific design gives Fi a small and weight light body, and makes you have less restriction and worry in sporting. Its touching control feature also makes no keys aperture so that to lessen sweat and water soaking damage.



Strict drawing process high quality
Creating a more elegant and high-end outlook of Fi by using strict drawing process, you will feel something different when wearing it to enjoy wonderful music in some high-end occasions.
Super long standby lifetime
About 10 hours
listening time on one charge
Up to 45 hours
listening time with additional 4 times charges in the case
(data from BLUEDIO laboratory)
650 mAh charging case, with once fully charged you can use earbuds for 10 hours to enjoy long time and no worried music experience. (note: output of earbuds’ charger must be 5V)
Low latency
Equipped with new generation Bluetooth 5.0 chip, bringing you lower power consumption and more stable using. Wonderful game experience with almost no delay in your playing. Besides, the amazing switching technology makes the operation easier and more convenient, providing you an excellent control in your entertainment.
Supporting most audio transmission formats
Supporting most audio transmission formats, less restriction, enjoy more fun freely!
Auto pause feature
Adopted face recognition technology, music play when you wear earphone, and music stop when take off earphone, to help save battery meanwhile FI makes your life more colorful and convenient.


With improving waterproof ability, FI can effectively prevent the damage from water splashing in daily life, and make you feel free to enjoy with wonderful music streaming!


Touch control

No need to press the button, but just touch it lightly you

Power on/off : press the touch switch for 3 seconds until hearing the prompt voice

Play/pause music: click once touch switch

Increase/ reduce volume: click twice right/left earbud’s touch switch

Switch to previous/next song: triple click left/right earbud’s touch switch

Answer/hang up phone call: click once touch switch

Reject phone call: press touch switch for 1 second

Redial last phone call: click touch switch 4 times until hearing prompt voice.



Bigger 6mm driver
FI adopted bigger 6mm drive unit to bring you better bass effect and clear sound quality, you can also have amazing experience on making phone call when enjoy music.
Different scenes, same wonderful experience
FI can help you locate accurate enemy position in game by listening sound, enjoy stereo when watching movie, say goodbye to boring time when taking subway, more calories burning when doing exercise and safe drive.


FI is small and easy-carrying. It is very convenient no matter where you put it at, such as in your bag, hands, cars or just put it in your pants pocket.



Quick Bluetooth connection
Connect Bluetooth quickly when you just open the cover and easy to reconnect with your device, FI brings you a new convenient life style.
Patented Technology VFT
VFT is a Bluedio particular patented technology, developed by engineer in many years later, VFT vector current boost control bass compensation( patent No:ZL20160848544.8), with this technology used you can enjoy HIFI sound quality with no noises and better talking experience on making call.
Pairing and connecting instruction
1.Open charging case,you can see the earbuds LED is always on.After two earbuds pair with each other successfully,earbuds LED will flash quickly.
2.Turn on cellphone Bluetooth,“Fi R”(or “Fi L”)will show on your cellphone Bluetooth list.Click connect“Fi R”(or “Fi L”)and you will hear the prompt voice “connected”,the first earbud showed in your cell phone is the main-control earbud. After about 1-3 seconds, your cellphone will pop out a connecting request of the other earbud,click connect and you will hear the prompt voice“connected”again. At this time, two earbuds are connected with cellphone successfully.
3.Left and right earbuds paired successfully:The white LED was off
Please reset earbuds if you hear sound from one side only or you can not synchronize earbuds.
Please remove all pairing records from your devices first, then please do the following steps:
1.Open the charging case and take the earbuds out of the charging case.The white LED will flash quickly.Continuously tap the touch buttons on each earbud three times separately.(P.S. If the white LED light won’t stop flashing that’s mean the operation was unsuccessful,please try again.)Put two earbuds back into the charging case when the earbuds stopped flashing.
2.Open the charging case again and connect two earbuds just like the first time.
3.If it still not work, please try the above steps again. (Note: Please delete the Bluetooth pairing record in the device first.)

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