Durable Professional Quadcopter Automatic Return Wide Angle 5G WiFi FPV Dual GPS 720P/1080P Camera Drones


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Model: GW198
Color: black
Material: ABS.
Body size: 33cm*33cm*11.5cm.
Diagonal wheelbase: 25cm*25cm.
Transmitting power: 2.4GHz.
Gyroscope: 6Axis.
Channel: 4 ch
Charging mode: universal USB interface.
Battery capacity: 7.4V 2000mAH lithium battery.
Flight time: about 21 minutes.
Charging time: 240 minutes.
Flight height: 120m.
Remote distance: 450m.
Camera mode: FPV+SD card.
Lens: 120 wide Angle lens.
Video resolution: 720P (1280 x 720.AVI)/1080P(1920×1080.AVI)
Photo resolution: 2.0MP(1280 x 720.JPG)/5.0MP(1920×1080.JPG)
Speed shift: slow/medium/fast.
Maximum travel speed: 30Km/h.
Maximum rising speed: 15Km/h.
Working temperature: 0-40 yuan.
Please read the instructions carefully before using. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you be assisted by experienced adults.
Careful battery:
Do not overcharge or overdischarge.
Don't put it under high temperature.
Don't throw it into the fire.
Don't throw it into the water.

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