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Multi-function UV Disinfection Pack Portable Storage Bag


Product: UV sterilization package

Mode: UVC + ozone

Input: 5V 600mA

UV wavelength: 185 nm

Rated power: 3W

Dimensions: 24mm x 13mm x 12mm

Working mode: 15 minutes / time for single sterilization

Material: Nylon

Shell color: black,red

UV sterilization principle:

UV-C destroys DNA and amplifiers; bacterial and viral RNA loses its vitality and reproduction ability by exposure to microorganisms, thereby achieving disinfection.

UV-C light kills bacteria without the use of chemicals. Germ Guardian UV-C disinfectants and deodorants provide a healthy living environment.

UV-C light destroys bacteria's DNA, thereby eliminating the bacteria's ability to reproduce.

The package includes:

1 * UV sterilization package

1 * USB charging cable

1 x English user manual



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